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In this episode, we journey through the realm of the digital universe, exploring the fascinating concept of Metaverse and how it intertwines with the realm of design.

Ritika Kothari is an Architect and Urban Planner, she runs this super cool content marketing gig called House of Ritika.

She is also the Chief Metaverse Officer at Colab Cloud Meta, which has gained global recognition for its innovative products and services in the Web 3.0 space.

We explore the possibilities for architects and interior designers to pivot into this cutting-edge domain and the opportunities that await them.

Ritika shares invaluable insights and lays down the three transformative steps to becoming a designer in this evolving and immersive landscape.

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Hey, I am your new favourite host - Utsav Kamboj.

After 2 years of procrastinating, I bring to you some ground breaking conversations on architecture, interior design, career growth, business growth and how to upskill yourself.

This podcast features some exclusive insights on how your favourite designers are breaking the ceiling.

I know how you are feeling right now, because I have been at your place once and I totally understand how valuable it is to find one piece of guidance.

How about we take this one episode at a time?

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Future of Design: Dive into Metaverse and Redefine Spaces, with Ar. Ritika Kothari

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